February 14


The joy that comes with a new month was all I could feel when I kept hearing happy new month, happy new month. For some reason this year I realized it was going to be a month I would partake in the celebration of the month of LOVE.

Was curious to the unfolding of the month and what it would bring me.

Well all this, is just my human nature trying to think of its fleshy needs.

Valentine should not be celebrated if it’s all about our needs.

Valentine should not be celebrated if it’s about just exchanging of gifts, going out and having special dates for the day.

Does that make every other day of less value?

Lately Valentine’s day and it’s value has diminished and has been widely misunderstood

Why did Valentine die?

Valentine was beheaded for love, and that love was sacrificial, that love wasn’t just expressed the day he died.

He died out of his love that has been expressed over time for OTHERS.

His love was sacrificial for others, for their rights to love. Valentine died for love, a sacrificial love, a love that’s not kissing and flirting, a love that protects, that’s covers, that’s honors others more than oneself

This love is not only expressed on February 14, it’s expressed everyday and to everyone. Valentine’s day is recognised to honour St Valentine, that’s it. To remember the season he died and what he died for.

So let’s embrace the reason St Valentine died. Let’s embrace sacrificial love, a love that honour others, protects and respect others, young or old.

That’s the reason St.valentine died.

You may get to see and read another theory explaining the origin of St.Valentine day. But what’s truly the essence if Christ is not the centre. Christ’s love should be the point of reference. Always Link it to the-Christ-type of Love.

Christ is love.

Valentine was beheaded for love, Valentine was beheaded for Christ=Love

Yes, that’s the very essence of our living that is worth dieing for….LOVE. Please come to this reality

The essence of celebrating Love is for the appreciation and refilling of the Spirit of love. If you see another dope reason other than this then it’s really not that dope.

Let love be your greatest quest.

Love is Christ in you(It’s already in you, if you are born of Christ) and its having expression to all around you.

So instead of being unhappy about today(Valentine’s day), study more about all what this love is about. The Christ Love, the reason St.valentine gave his life, just the way Christ gave his life(tho can never be compared). But note that all who sacrificed for love will always be celebrated

So Stop being dissatisfied about Valentine’s day and get refilled with the overwhelming SPIRIT OF LOVE. Love can not be overemphaseied, love is love it can not be written in any other larger form but in your mind.

Someone asked, “why is Valentine’s day hyped?” It’s not even a public holiday

Well you just read it. It can’t be a public holiday. I hope you see it as beautiful as every other love filled day

I love you, But most especially Christ is always the reason for every season! Because Christ is love and He GAVE(an expression of love) us the air we breathe.

Every day is a day to express love,that should be our default setting.



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