About My Home

Living in this twisted world, I would really love to go straight to the point telling you about myself and my origin.

I am a Saint (I know a lot of eye brows has just gone up, like…uh?😏😳) but just keep going 😄

I am from the kingdom of God. The household of Glory

The city I hail from,

Is a city up ahead, that the world is got-to follow

A city of the new generation living ahead of the time by the power of the age to come

A city without fear because we will never ever know defeat

A city living in this world but not of this age

A city full of saints free as the LIGHT

Running and leaving fragrances of truth in every corner like rays of the sun

We exhale the pure fragrance of love, irrespective of situations

The peace and joy we experience and share

Is tangible and felt. Almost as tho you could touch it.

We draw this unconditional love and passion from the deepest well of our hearts

A place of extreme brokenness

A place of extreme compassion

A place where we don’t feel qualified

But called.

A city of great underserved love

A city with hearts for tremendous love

To love above all

Above all hate

Above all pride

Above all self glorification and exaltation that has become the new identity of men on earth.

We are deep, conscious lovers

We love not because we are happy with the treatments we get

But we love so deeply because we desire to

Because for as long as we’ve been on earth

We know we are different

Different at heart

Different in thoughts

Different with a deep longing for truth

Truth in all.

And as we’ve desired

The Father’s has lavished.

It always seems impossible, but until you let go of yourself and start thinking of achieving the impossible, then with all simplicity that comes from the Spirit of truth you will be a citizen of the impossible. Understanding and living in the world’s impossible

Will be so glad to welcome you to my home of impossiblities.

That’s my origin.

What is yours?


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