Better than life

Earlier today I felt dry and so empty. I couldn’t feel Your presence, I couldn’t pray, I couldn’t do anything.

I had to skip work for You, to hear from You and feel Your touch, I’d rather go nowhere than another day without You in it. It’s never worth it. I had to wait on You.

You led me to download Koinona messages, I did, you lead me to specific ones. I spent all morning listening to Your word, I communied with You and I knew staying home was the best decision of the day.

Then I thought I just had enough, I had gotten what I desired. Until I went to church this evening and it was all praise and worship, no message just You inhabiting the praises of your people.

Oh it was by far the best moment and day this year, yet.

I felt Your trembling and calm touch, I saw You in Your true form. Your joy feeled my heart, Your nature was all I could see. I was soaked in YOU in my realest form ever.

I’m smiling chin to chin because I’ve never seen and felt you in this form. You revealed Yourself to me in an amazing way, Jesus I will never loss the revelation of who You are and who You opened my eyes to see today.

Thank you for evrything, thank You for being my God and for the opportunity to praise You with all of me.

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