How Rich is Your Mindset?

Hello guys!

So I’ve been on this journey to maximising my state of mind and I want you all to think about this… how rich is your mindset?

I don’t mean rich in finance, but rich in your quality of thoughts.

You would agree with me that the mind is the very place we think about the events around us and our response to them. Your mind is like your thinking bag.

Its really inevitable to prosper in your mind without reading mind elevating books and writings.

So today, I had a not so nice question and answering section with someone today that got me quite pissed and uncomfortable. It seemed she was asking to let me know her financial income, which there was no bases for, but was just for comparison. I got quite irritated and I had to deal with it.

My dealing with it in this case had to do with dealing with my mind and the way I accepted to perceive the conversation.

It made me question my mindset, to be quite honest and how poor I chose to interpret and accept that incident.

I deliberately highlighted the above statement because, the will to choose and interpret is the power of the mind.

Stop putting the blame on the other person. It dosnt really matter their motive for asking. On a second thought 😏, what if your wrong about their motives?😧🤧

What matters at every point is your decision to be poor or rich in the way you set your thoughts(mind).

This changes a lot! Trust me, far more than you can see. If you defeat any one in your mind with choosing the rich way to perceive them even when it’s obviously otherwise, your words and expressions will speak just as you think and you won’t even know when defeat will be written all over their faces.

Let’s set our default thoughts positive and wealthy.

How Rich is your mindset?

How wealthy are my thoughts?

Wealth dosnt come over night, wealth is acquired.

I read this article as often as I can because, you don’t want it to slip away without putting it to practice.

Actually guys, you can’t be as wealthy as you desire without having a rich mindset: in the quality of your thoughts.

You don’t have to struggle with being rich by works when you practice this. Wealth comes to you!



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