I got talking with my brother and dad on a very casual evening after a stressful day. Getting into the random conversation which was becoming specific my brother made a comment which was, “Civil servants Ehn…!”
He spent his day working on his redeployment back to Port Harcourt. Literally at some point, having to go desk to desk with his files. He needed the services of the civil servants working in the Deployment office at this point and the treatment he got was so humiliating.

It seemed if you didn’t introduce yourself with a special honourable title, you won’t be given much attention and be treated just as a nobody. 

Harsh words and commands was all he got just because he needed their service of which they are being paid.πŸ˜“.

Most times the treatment we get from administrative workers and the society as a whole is based on our titles. 

But should it really matter if there’s a Dr, Pharm, Engr, Bishop before your name? Should it determine the level of respect you get in expense of others who aren’t?

We all deserve a level of dignity and respect, I mean that’s your right. You don’t have to be whoever or know whoever to be treated with dignity. 

My brother didn’t need to introduce himself to get a smile or a second look. 

Should our social status interfere with the services we are offered? 

The services and treatment we get shouldn’t be based on our status. If you introduce yourself and that is when she lits up her face to attend to you, then she shouldn’t be there. 

Let’s be this change in our services to others, or do we really want a toddler to tell us how to be nice, Really?😏

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