Becoming Nature

It’s not strange how all experiences relate to You, because

In the vapour of Your breath the planet’s form,

It all reveals Your nature

so will I.

Just when I thought I could live my way….then I realized that

Every painted sky,is a canvas of Your grace,

Every burning star🌠,a signal fire of grace,

The creation still obeys You,

so will I.

Yet again You seemed too possessive to me wanting all to Yourself,because I noticed and realized

The oceans roar your greatness,

The mountains bow in reverence,

Then I saw myself crying out in silence as the rocks cry out in silence,

Then I realized I was becoming nature

If nature in the wind goes where You sent it, and everything exists to lift You high….Then again I remembered

You chased down my heart through all of my failure and pride

If creation still amaze You

So will I. 


(Inspired by ‘So will I’,Jess and Gabriel)

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