The beginning of the best days

May 15th; what a day I couldn’t just wait to behold, it drew nearer and nearer with its excitement and jingle butterflies; not about how quickly it came yearly, but the excitement about the New Year and its beautiful packages. It actually seemed pretty normal after the day, other than the feeling of being older and defiantly the need to lean in; get involved on what’s going on around us.
I love beautiful gifts and special cakes on my birthday, well, it may be quite optional. But I can say it’s so important that if it didn’t happen that way I would feel not just right.

On the 15th May, 2018, something intriguing changed my view. It started like every other birthdays, with calls, posts, messages and so much love that I could barely sleep through the night without receiving calls; especially my favorite folks that wanted to be first callers. I felt so blessed throughout that day like never before. But I couldn’t just help the fact, knowing something was going to go down that day. I tried to shake it off and hope for the best, but my instinct wasn’t so wrong after all.

It was lovely having dinner with friends later that same day. Let’s just say I had a different; not the conventional birthday experience I was used to and it didn’t feel worth the wait initially. I decided to talk about it the next day with a friend, then I realized how me-centered I had been; and not thinking outside the box the whole time.

Everyone wants to feel and be treated special on their days but how about we going ahead and treating people special on our special days; those we know we don’t always have the free time, to show we care to, regularly. I really hope that day can be about us going into homes and putting smiles on their faces just as we did on our actual birth-days?

That day really came with a new light; a new understanding and I would love us to think less about ourselves on our special days and more on being helpful when we see homes or rehab with or without a smile, by giving them ours.

This could be the beginning of our best days, yah!!! It just could!

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